About the Founder
Megan Williams has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years as well as a business owner. She has also worked with children with emotional and behavioral disabilities. She has combined both of her passion to give back to the community she has grown to love. She finds it important to build a foundation in todays youth and teach them the importance of loving themselves the way they are. 

Megan recently just finished the Escholars program with UMKC School of Business. It helped mold Smiles and Kuts into a successful charitable organization. She also won the pitch competition for the program that has made the "Most Progress" , winning $1000 to help fund Smiles and Kuts. In the fall, Megan will become a mentor for the escholars program. 

Her journey is just beginning and there is much more to come for Megan and the organization. STAY TUNED!!!